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What is the aftercare for lash extensions?

You will need to keep your lashes free of mascara, oil based makeup and makeup removing products, and makeup removing wipes. We carry an amazing makeup removing lash cleanser that you can use to keep your lashes clean. 

We recommend a fill every 2 weeks. Anything after 21 days will be considered a full set. 

Is there parking?

Yes! We're lucky enough to have free street parking right on our block.

How can I give gratuity to my esthetician?

We currently offer 3 options for gratuity to your esthetician--cash, Venmo, and Tippy. Tippy allows you to tip on your card. We ask kindly that you enter an emoji or a simple 'thanks' into your Venmo transactions. 

Will you perform a lash fill from another studio?

Short answer, yes.
Please be aware that different studios utilize different styles, products, and techniques. If our stylist is unable to safely remove grown out lashes, we may add an upcharge or require a removal and schedule your full set for another time.

Which brow service is best for me? 

We offer brow henna, brow lamination (brow lift), brow stains, and brow tint. The tint lasts about 2 weeks and colors the hair that is present. If you have sparse brows, try the henna or the stain!  It gives a 'filled in' makeup look.

The brow lift can be done on any brow as it gives a fuller appearance. This can be done with a tint and stain, but not henna. **Keep in mind, the brow lift can not be done with a wax. Please schedule your wax 2 days prior to your brow lift appointment. We are able to pluck your brows during the lamination if you wish to do that instead!

How should I prepare for my lash service ? 

If you're coming for extensions or a lash lift, please arrive with no makeup on. Be prepared to unplug and relax for at least an hour (lash extension full sets can take 2+ hours). Feel free to bring headphones or take a nap! 
We kindly ask that you do not drink caffeine before your appointment. 

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