Classic Lash 

A single extension adheres to each natural lash individually. Classic lashes are the perfect choice if you're looking to enhance the length and add a subtle density to your natural lashes.

Classic Full Set $145

Classic 2 Week Fill $65

Classic 3 Week Fill $75

Volume Lash

Volume lashes feature a revolutionary application using multiple smaller extensions on a single lash. Great for sparse lashes. Volume lashes deliver a dramatic, yet fluffy appearance that seriously make the eyes pop.

Volume Full Set $220

Volume 2 Week Fill $85

Volume 3 Week Fill $95

Hybrid Lash

Not sure if classic or volume is your style? Hybrid offers a mix of both classic and volume techniques, resulting in a textured, natural appearance.

Hybrid Full Set $175
Hybrid 2 Week Fill $75
Hybrid 3 Week Fill $85


Your esthetician will thoroughly analyze your skin. Each facial is personalized based on your concerns and preferences. Circadia, our professional skincare system, is based on the principles of defending skin from damage during the day, and stimulating repair during sleep.

The Sensitive Küre $95.00
The Hydration Küre $95.00
The Hydration Küre w/ Peel $125.00
The Anti Aging Küre $95.00
The Anti Aging Küre Deluxe $125.00
The Acne Küre $125.00
The Mom to Be Küre $95.00
The Gentlemans Küre $95.00
The Teen Küre $95.00
The Back Küre $100.00
The Dermaplane Küre Express $50.00
The Dermaplane Küre  $100.00
The Dermaplane Küre Deluxe $135.00
Customize your Küre 
30 min $70 // 60 min $95 // 90 min $125

Brow Services

We offer a variety of brow services based on your desired look. Henna is painted on the brows staining the skin and hair, perfect for sparse brows. Brow tint is great for adding a hint of color to your already there brows. The brow lift offers up a fluffed up look to barely-there or bushy brows lasting 5+ weeks.

Brow Henna $55

Brow Henna + Wax $65

Brow Tint $30

Brow Tint + Wax $45

Brow Lift $65

Brow Lift + Tint $80


Body Waxing coming soon!

Brow Wax $25
Lip Wax $15
Brow & Lip Wax $35
Chin Wax $20
Nose Wax $15
Full Face Wax $55

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