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About Us

Brittany has always been drawn to creative industries. 


She started her career wokring from home as a full time clothing stylist, after graduating from college. To get a little more human interaction (that’s kind of her thing) she began working at Sephora and doing bridal makeup. 


This sparked her interest in the beauty industry. She enrolled at North Hills Beauty Academy only a few months after starting at Sephora. 


Fast forward an esthetics license, three lash certifications, and a year as a solo lash artist later. 


Enter, küre. 


“It was a brief conversation on a coffee date between Kate and I, like hey do you want to open an esthetics space together?” and the rest was history. 


“Nothing I have ever done has felt so right!” she says.  From the chill pop playlists to the trendy decor, to the positive culture between both staff and clients, küre is the perfect little spot to relax and spoil yourself. 

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